Ultra Sound Health

All matter vibrates at specific frequencies and this is well known fact in science and physics. At its root, all matter is simply a type of energy which is vibrating at specific frequencies which causes it to appear to be solid to us here in the third dimension. When particle physicists have broken down subatomic particles to the smallest particles using powerful atom smashers, the particles themselves disappear in a brilliant flash of energy and simply wink out of our universe altogether.

We’re all made of energy. From the stars and planets to every atom of our bodies, we are energy. Many ancient mystics have sensed and known this to be true for millennia. After years of meditation and internal training, they came to understand that the true nature of the universe is that all matter energy and ultimately, emptiness.

This is how we can use breathing along with these sounds and certain visualizations to help cleanse the body of impure energies. Cleansing the body of these negative energies can have a powerful regulating and healing effect on the system. By bringing all of the life force energies into a state of equilibrium and balance we can help to restore health and recover from many serious illnesses. When strong smooth chi flow is restored, symptoms will simply disappear resulting in the restoration of energy, vigor and health.

The Second Sound – Kidneys

The second sound were going to cover is the kidney sound. To make the kidney sound, take a deep breathe and purse the lips as though blowing out a candle at a distance. Breathe out and gentle make the sound “Woooooooooooooo”. Phonetically it sounds more like “Wuuuuuuuuuuuuu”. This will begin to purge the kidneys of excess fire chi, increasing the flow of its energy and the energy of the rest of the internal organs. After each exhalation, breathe in deeply and imagine a bright blue energy with gentleness coming into the kidneys, calming and healing them. Then begin again with the exhalation while making the “woooooo” sound. You can also increase the effectiveness of any of the sounds by imagining a black smoke coming out from the organ and exiting along with the breath. This is another way that visualization can amplify the effects of breathing techniques.

Each of these sounds has a simple set of physical movements associated with it. These movements also help to increase the effectiveness of the sounds themselves. Even doing the sounds alone without the exercise will go a long way to begin to purge, purify and detoxify the organs very effectively. This is something that many can actually feel working even on the first try.