Ultra Sound Technitian

Ultrasound Technician – before discarding this career as being a lame one, think again! There is no doctor, no surgeon and no super-specialist today who doesn’t depend upon a reliable ultrasound technician’s support. The ultrasound technologist is a technologist within an increasing expansion in ultrasound equipment and procedures. Correct diagnosis of a number of diseases without resorting to invasive surgery depends on the ultrasound report. This makes the ultrasound technician job market a very lucrative one.

Job Description

In a nutshell, the job responsibilities of an ultrasound technician is to handle and maintain the ultrasound equipment and administer sonographic (based on harmless sound waves) tests to patients. They also prepare reports of probable diagnosis and maintain patient records. Ultrasound technicians are required in almost all hospitals. Even small clinics and nursing care facilities cannot do without them. Therefore, the demand for skilled and adept techs is on the increase. Once they find the right person, organizations do not shy from paying them well.

How Much Does An Ultrasound Technician Make?

Depending on whether one works at a general hospital or a multi-specialty clinic, at a private diagnostic laboratory or at a private clinic, on as average, an ultrasound technician may earn between $40,000 and $85,000 per year! That’s right…and you thought this was a lame profession!